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Prevention & Education Program

In 2016 in cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Education and Center for Trafficking Victims Protection to develop a program that prevents and protects children and students from human trafficking, with an aim of building a sustainable pyramid educational system that will be implemented and adopted in the educational curriculum across the country.

Over the period of 2 years:

  1. 60.000 students were equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and avoid the “schemes” of human traffickers;
  2. 6.493 teachers and caregivers were trained to recognize the indicators and interrupt potential trafficking situations;
  3. 4190 parents were directly introduced to and made aware about the dangers of human trafficking.

The program continues to this day, and the numbers are in daily increase.

The manual for this program is available in English. Please check UNITAS resources page.

Click here If you are interested in implementing the program in schools in your area


Over 60.000 children given prevention education.

The Observers Educational Workshop

UNITAS produced and released our first social impact film, The Observers. The movie, based on 3 true separate stories has been created in a form of a collage which can be seen as a whole, but serves as a tool in a special workshop developed for various ages in an educational manner.

The movie, other than original Serbian version, is available with subtitles in following languages: English, Northern Macedonian, Slovenian, but also used in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Our trained team can deliver the educational workshop in Serbian and English.

The Observers


Based on true stories.

Educational Comic Book

Mission of Unitas fund is to fight against human trafficking, where together with Ministry of trade, tourism and telecommunication and National contact center for safety of children on internet have realized an educational comic book "On the network, but not in the mesh".

This comic book describes four stories which are representing risks that someone becomes potential human trafficking victim, but as well the way how to act if some of this dangers happen in real life.

The comic book is designed for children from fifth till eight grade of elementary school.

This comic book will be distributed in Serbian schools, where Unitas fund and Ministry of trade, tourism and telecommunication speakers will hold a informative lecture about human trafficking and it's dangers.

Download Comic Book

Comic Book

"On the network, but not in the mesh"

Red Cross of Serbia, Wikipedia and Unitas educational seminar – Human Trafficking 101

Every month, in various locations and for mostly student audience across Serbia, the magnificent trio Red Cross of Serbia, Wikipedia – Wikimedia Serbia and Unitas team join forces in a trilateral educational concept of training and raising awareness through which the Red Cross of Serbia team delivers Human Trafficking 101 seminar, Unitas team delivers an interactive workshop on dangers of human trafficking with a psycho-social aspect, and finally the Wikimedia team delivers training for Wikipedia text editing.

Contact us to learn more and get our trio involved in your neighbourhood.

Prevention is the key

Seminars, workshops and training

Training for Human Trafficking Indicators in Hospitality Industry

Unitas provides training in the hospitality industry for the recognition of human trafficking. The training is available in English and BCS. Our team if needed encompassed in this program is developing procedures for risk management on the topic of human trafficking prevention.

Contact us to learn more and get your staff or team trained.

Prevention is the key

Hospitality training