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Trafficking Prevention and Survivor Care



LIGHTS Overview

LIGHTS Prevention Education Curriculum

Youth in North America are being trafficked and exploited. Tragically, they lack access to the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe from, or exit, exploitative situations. Schools and community organizations are uniquely positioned to detect and reduce the risk of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation to the students and youth they serve.

To address this crisis, UNITAS gathered a team of experts with over 100 years of combined experience in the counter-trafficking field. Together, they created LIGHTS © – an engaging and comprehensive human trafficking prevention education curriculum for youth ages 11 to 18.

LIGHTS is being implemented across all five boroughs in New York City (the nation’s largest public school district), in Washington DC, and elsewhere. If you would like us to bring LIGHTS© to your area, please contact us. Here is how we would implement it.


Human Trafficking 101: Understanding Human Trafficking and its Impact on Youth.
UNITAS offers training sessions for staff on the basics of human trafficking that equip them to address the safety, security, and well-being of young people to help prevent them from becoming victimized. (This training is required before attending the second level of training described below)


Facilitator Training: Equipping Professionals to Teach LIGHTS
Select educators, counselors, and social workers from approved schools and NGOs are trained to understand and implement the LIGHTS curriculum in their region. Upon completion of the training, these professionals are given full access to the LIGHTS curriculum. Here is a brief overview of the curriculum.

LIGHTS Overview



Another way we utilize the LIGHTS narratives we created is through our digital comic series. Our characters are brought to life in a new way by graphic novelist, Dan Goldman (@dngldmn). Get to know the characters and allow their stories to educate you and the young people around you.

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survivor retreat

UNITAS partners with therapists and social workers to provide therapeutic intensives, workshops, and retreats for survivors of human trafficking. We will be announcing our 2021 opportunities shortly. Check back here and follow us on social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ). Please also click here to sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed of all our latest developments.