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#SurfujBezbedno Campaign (#SurfSafely)

The Covid19 pandemic has changed way we work and for children the way they study and play, bringing their development at the open gates of dangers that are present in our digital world, and more importantly bringing them in direct exposure to human traffickers

Unitas team has a defined mission that mirrors in the prevention of human trafficking in our societies and thus has partnered with the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication in a campaign whose aim is to target, protect and educate our society and more importantly our younger generations on the dangers of human trafficking online.


A large number of celebrities have supported campagn

Don’t observe, Act! – Ne posmartaj, reaguj!

In summer of 2016 during the conceptualization of the educational movie based on true stories “The Observers” a campaign to raise awareness on the rapid increase of human trafficking was initialized. By inclusion of renowned artists from the movie, theatre, sport and music industry the campaign was directed towards primarily the youth in the attempt to raise the voice and hope of those who cannot.

Every day our fight continues, but it is more intensified every year under this slogan as we mark July 30th, the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons and 18th of October, EU Anti-Trafficking Day by wider public outreach campaigns. This slogan follows all festivals and art events in the aim of prevention and education, from Exit, to Mixer Festival, to your own event that we can do together.

Under the slogan #DontObserveAct #NePosmatrajReaguj we call upon all members of our society for direct action in the fight against human trafficking! Join US!



A large number of celebrities have supported campagn


On October 18th 2018 Unitas started a regional awareness campaign with an aim of spreading awareness on the dangers of human trafficking by gathering all actors on the topic in the region, and hopefully in the future worldwide. Conceptualized under the optimistic motto we are led by, #UnitedWeCan, Unitas provides online support to all member organizations, state, international and NGO who choose to join th campaign by sharing their news, activities and results encompassed in the unified fight for freedom. The website provides quick information and call to action for those in need depending on where they are. Through geolocation, by one click, the possible victim or those who need help can contact relevant parties.

AS part of the campaign, Unitas has provided all actors with awareness animation videos which describes types of human trafficking, translated into all languages of the partner countries.

Now we have over 40 members in 7 different countries, and the number is growing! JOIN US – United We Can!

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