Mikser festival 2017

Unitas Fund together with Red Cross Serbia has recently participated at MIKSER festival 2017 (http://festival.mikser.rs/en/mikser-festival-2017/) under the autobiographical slogan “Migration . More than 20.000 people were attending the festival.

Unitas has organized a 3 day workshop for children and teenagers about human trafficking; “The Observers” was played during all days of the festival.

During the festival we continued on raising awareness with our “Don’t observers, act!” campaign .Visitors had the opportunity to support our campaign, take photos with specially designed hashtags, which we posted on our social media channels.
Please find these images attached.


Prevention and education workshop about human trafficking for PE professors

Together with 4 of our specialized authors, we have organized 2 workshops, where we have educated 80 lecturers in prevention and education program about human trafficking. These lecturers will continue to educate their colleges and children in schools. The group of 80 PE lecturers are now sensitized to recognize potential human trafficking problems in their surroundings.

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nis obuka dif 20 i 21 maj
nis dif obuka 20 i 21 maj
13-14 maj novi sada 3

Collaboration between Unitas Fund, Red Cross and Basketball federation of Serbia

Unitas together with Basketball Serbian Federation has published a notebook for basketball coaches. The notebook will be shared between regional organizations dealing with human trafficking problem, all with an aim to further establish better cooperation between Unitas and regional organization.


Prevention and education manual for Human trafficking in English

In attached file you can find Prevention and Education manual translated in English language.This manual will be shared between regional organization dealing with human trafficking problem, in order to partner with regional organization.

International Film Festival for Children and Youth KINOLUB 2017 (from 1-30 June) in Katowice, Poland

NEWS: The film the Observers has been submitted and selected to the Main Competition 2017 to Kinoklub Festival Festival (dir. By Nikola Ljuca).


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